Friday, December 31, 2010

Memories are so wonderful...

As we start our new year 2011

Well for me, it's all about Love.  I journal, write poems and share with others all about LOVE.
One thing that I have discovered is that "love does make the world go round".  We are born with the desire to love and be loved in return.  Love effects our daily life in so many ways.  

As this New Year unfolds, I will be honored to share openly for the 
first time, my ideas and thought, my hopes and 
dreams...all on this great topic of love.

I will share poems, new ones as well as old favorites that i have
written.  I will share love stories from others who have
called, written and shared with me in one 
way or another about their love.  

My desire is that you grow in love, that you learn new ways to show love and
that you get to experience an incredible and everlasting love.

Please feel free to subscribe to my blog and offer me your "words of wisdom" as well.
We can all grow and learn from one another.

Life is full of wonderful, sweet surprises. May your journey be 
filled with lasting memories as we walk through this 
amazing life together. 

Lets celebrate the one thing
I cherish most...and that is LOVE.