Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's Love all about anyway...?

You know we go through life with great expectations. As a little girl, I was gonna meet my prince Charming, fall madly in love, marry and live happily ever after.

 As a teenager, I knew I'd marry, have children, be rich and travel the world over. 

 As a woman....I now have very different expectations.  Today...I dream about walking hand in hand on the beach.  Having late night conversations.  Getting deep about life and what makes us happy.

 As a woman, I am more into making sure my partner is happy.  I want him to feel special.  I want him to know how important he is.  I want him to know my needs and desires.

 Love is a part of this lifestyle.  But, it's not everything.  What I'm finding out as I go through this next stage of my life is that we need to have so much more to base our relationship on...besides love.

   My goals and dreams should match up to his.  We are exploring new avenue's together as we journey down new roads.  We are asking each other more questions.  We are offering better answers than ever before.  We are talking...sharing...opening up to more conversations.

Our passion is growing in new ways as we share our needs.  My desires are at a new level, as my libido climbs higher mountains .  Romance is back in style.  I need to be touched more.  I need to be kissed..and kissed and yes, kissed some more.  Hold me close, let me feel your body tightly wrapped in mine.  Caress me with your words of love and adoration.  Wink at me from across the room, let me catch your smile of appreciation.  Whisper words of tender moments waiting to happen.  Their is a fire burning deeply in me and needs to be doused my midnight.   Wake me up with your smile as we spoon to the sunrise.  Let me explore your happy places as we cuddle in the morning.  As the day goes by, lets run and laugh.  Let's eat and play.  Let's joke and tease.  Let's dance and sing.

For this is what we get to do as we enjoy this next part of our life.  This is living the dream.  This is happiness.  This is tenderness. This my truly what Love is all about. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whisper softly in my ear...

You hear the birds singing to one another, the songs of love and adoration.  Our love Doves were the best at sharing their love songs.  Prince Charming would coo softly to Snow White...cacoo cacoo and she would respond with a more verbal only the sounds that love doves can make.

The birds are the first thing we hear in the morning,s as we open our windows to let spring slowly in. They share that warmer days are apon us.  That love is in the air.

Whisper softly in my ear.  Share with me what your heart desires.  Words are the window to my soul.  You reach me with your speak to my mind.

As I whisper back, I tell you what I know you want to hear.  My language soft, sweet and full of seduction.  I give in to you that which I know your heart desires.  I hear your needs and wish to fulfill.  The lover in me needs to be set free.  I am on fire. Quench my thirst and dowse me with your love. 

So Whisper softly in my ear....and let me indulge in your every whim....for it will be my pleasure.