Saturday, January 7, 2017

Loving the older him with the older me.

Loving the older him with the older me, is a big lesson on forever love. 
As teenagers falling in love was as easy as watching a flower bloom.  It was fragrant, beautiful and so very peaceful. We bloomed, we kept blooming. Sunshine was everywhere.  Our days were like summer vacation, warm and full of laughter. We explored every horizon.  Even the darker valleys were a lesson learned on our deep and endless love.

The Summer turned to fall, then winter and before we knew it, spring was upon us again. We had  tremendous growth with the richest of soil. Our foundation was firm and strong. A few years later in spring we vowed to love and cherish, then that fall brought us our firstborn son.  Our love conceived this priceless gift again the next summer.  How was it that two sons in just a short time felt like they had always been a part of us? Pure joy filled our days. Our world would be complete with a spring baby girl. Seeds planted and bloomed because of our love. 

Spring, summers, falls full of laughter and christmas' filled with wonder and joy. Our bouquet was ever growing.  The colors that filled our world were like a crayon box, too many to fall in love with just one. We ran, we explored the world as these babies grew. Our love for each other, grew too. The colors are now richer, yet more subtle. Our children were married with children. How did time go so quickly? The days seem long, yet the years were flying by.

Here we are, the older him with the older me. We have this lifetime of love behind us. We are more like plants that have the deepest of roots. We finish each others words. We know the smells, tastes, desires, as if they were our own. We live because the other gives us breath.  I hold this man of mine in my arms for a long embrace. I cannot imagine living without him beside me.  The miracle is still happening every time he smiles at me with that twinkle in his eye. How does he love the older me as if we just fell in love yesterday?  The miracle happens in me also. He walks through the door after a long day and my stomach turns, as my heart skips a beat. I think he is wonderful.  I cannot wait to make him happy. I cannot wait to touch his face and plant a kiss on those lips. He is Honey to me. He is forever. Our plant still blooms. Our love still grows. 

Older and wiser we shall become, as more years go softly by. Our leaves will wither, our plants will be frail. Yet, our foundation stayed firm and our soil even richer because of the passing of time. One day we will hold hands in heaven as they lay bouquets of colors on our grave. Sunshine will be on our faces, and warmth will surround us. We will have the knowledge, that even death didn't stop our love. And we will have left them the legacy of a forever blooming love.  

Written for Honey with love, Me

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Love in all forms...

Love in All Foms

Yes, romantic love is the most exciting and fun kind.  But, we all know there is more.  Love comes in many ways and forms.  There is the love we have for our friends, neighbors, children, siblings, grandparents and parents.  

I love my parents.  They have both given me so much. I am the person you know, because of them. I feel the need to share just a few things about both my parents.

 My father instilled in me a joy for life.  A positive attitude and outlook on life.  He ingrained in me his kindness for others.  Kindness for animals, people, and myself.  He gave me confidence because of the way he showed me with love.  I always felt pretty when my father was around.  His smile of approval was uplifting.  I enjoyed the twinkle in his eye.  I loved the way he would tease my mom and say endearing things to her.   I knew I wanted to marry a kind man one day, because my our father was so kind.   He is gone now.  Gone for over 6 years.  That, in itself is hard to grasp.  Where did the last few years go.  My fondest childhood memory is sitting Indian style in the living room at night on the floor. I had my nightly bath, all bundled up in pajama's and Dad would brush my long dark brown hair. He told me I was pretty, the prettiest one of his girls.  I somehow knew he was probably saying the same things to my older sister and baby sister.  It didn't matter though, because he thought I was the prettiest, so I grew up feeling very special.  

My Mother.  My rock.  The leader of our family.  If I needed or wanted anything at all, I would ask my father, then he would "clear it" with mom for me.  She was the boss.  She was so smart.  She was our fighter.  She would battle almost anyone on our behalf.  We learned many talents from her.  How to cook, clean, do dishes and laundry.  Also, we learned to be our own person.  That we were in charge of our life.  No one could tell us what to do or not to do.  If we wanted something, anything, then it was our for the taking.  Yes, we had to work hard to get it.  We had to fight odds at times and hit some bumps in our road before success was ours.    She is old now.  She is having to go over some hard bumps in her own road.  Her COPD has worsened. Her osteoporosis is more event now as she is weak and walks with a cane,  It's hard for her to stand straight up.  She is on oxygen all the time now. Her concentrator is set at 2.5 liters. She takes pills morning, noon and night.  She naps quite frequently as she is tired.  Visiting nurses come two to three times a week, same with her physical therapists.  I know she is tired.  I have such high hopes of her getting better, stronger.   Her sister Georgia came last week and spent five days with us.  She had a great time.  Yes, the argued, because they are....sisters.  Sisters do that.  But, more importantly, they shared some great quiet times together.  

So here were are.  I quite my job 3 weeks ago.  I'm here to care for mom.  I will get a part time job or a full time job with daytime hours and no weekends eventually.  I hope to spend the holidays with mom.  Is this her last Thanksgving/Christmas, no one ever knows.  But, what I do know is that I'm going to spend some good quality moments with mom while I have her here with me.   I love her.  She drives me crazy at times.  Mothers do this.  She likes to tell me "what to do", mothers do this as well.  And as frustrating as she can be for me, the times with her are priceless.  I'm learning to let go of the times she drives me crazy and just let it pass.   One thing I know with out a doubt, is the she loves me so much.  She would do anything in the world for me.    So, now it's my turn to do anything in the world for her.  Love in all forms...including me caring for her as she once cared for me. 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Loving my life...

Loving my life more as I get older.  I have always loved life.  Now, as I a older, it seems a bit more precious to me.  I am tired these days and have trouble sleeping all night long which makes for longer days.  It also makes for more thankful days.  Days that I get to live this amazing life in the midwest with a loving husband, three adult children their spouses and two incredible grandchildren. 

I am starting my vacation tomorrow.  A much needed one for sure.  I hope to challenge myself to rest more.  I hope to sit for hours of quiet times and reflect on where I am at in that moment of time.  I hope to spend time talking with my grandchildren and truly listening to what they have to say.  I hope to relax and reflect.  

Wish me luck.   

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This morning, I had the sweet pleasure of sitting next to my baby sister on the love seat and share in coffee and conversation.  She is here because our aunt has passed away and tomorrow we will be going to her funeral.  
This baby sister of mine has lost weight and looks so good.  She is dieting, eating healthy foods and exercising.  I am so proud of her.  She has taught me a thing or two this morning about determination.  She also showed me a new app for my cell phone to help me on my journey of getting healthier and losing weight myself.  
I love my little sister for so many reasons.  First, because she came into my life when I was so young and she became my little shadow, my playmate, my first best friend.  I would love to "dress" her up and brush her hair.  She had the softest baby curls in the world.  I would find anything I could and use it as "hairbows" or hair accessories.  I remember taking the rubber bands and ribbons off of dolls to use on my little sister.  
I love Patty as an adult sister.  She has battled a great disease called breast cancer.  She is a survivor, I believe almost 5 years now.  I'm so proud of how courageous she was while going through surgeries, losing her right breast and then the reconstructive surgery of a new breast.   She smiled and allowed her doctors and nursed to laugh as she was enduring chemo and radiation.  
I love her for the wife and mother she is to her husband and two children.  She is devoted, loving and firm as all mothers and wives should be.  

I will enjoy this short time with my little sister and make some sweet memories while she is here in our home.  Life is all about love and loving.  Everyday we wake up, we chose to be happy, we chose to love, we chose to enjoy this day in our life.  I chose to love this sweet sister of mine with all of my heart.  I'm so thankful to have her in my life.  

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Late in the afternoon, all is well.  The house is so quiet....a welcome change for me.  The dogs lay at my feet listening to me type.  I enjoy this time alone in my house. The sun is low in the sky. It's cool out and a small breeze blows.  I am alone.  This is a rare occasion.

 In honor of a much needed day off, I decide to write in this romance blog of mine.  Writing is so soothing to my mind. It allows me to forget the world for the moment. My heart flows down to my fingers on this page.

 I want you to know the love... I feel.  I want you to know the desires I feel when he is near.  I want you to know the peace that comes from this perfect love I have in my life. I wish for you the dedication that is mine. I know this is sacred.  He says he will love me forever.  I believe this to be true.

So wanting this for you, is my way of wishing it for you.   I wish that you could have all that I do.  In my perfect world for you, your love is as my love is.  Your princess or prince charming is dedication only to you.  They desire only you. They love you more than life itself.

I want happiness to wake you each and every morning.  I was rest to come so easy at night.  I want joy to be found in your daily routine.  I want you to know your value, your worth.   All things in due time.

The windows show a setting sun.  As another day dares to close, may you know your loved

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Love looked deeply into my eyes and told me that this was forever.
Love cradled my heart as if it were crystal and very fragil.
Love held me close... so tenderly, that it felt the same as if i were holding myself.

I am one with this love. I am complete.
Close my my arms.... share my heart and love until the end of my days.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

This day is done.... my night has settled in. My mind is charmed by visions I have created. Where there is a place in the meadows in which only sunshine and warm breezes flow. I am playfully running towards your arms, all the while never taking my eyes off your face. You tease me as I reach you and you turn sideways. You catch my arm and slowly pull me in. More warmth than even the sunshine can create, when I am in your arms. More peace than even the meadows can give. There is no one in the world at that very moment, just you and I. The love we share outshines the sun. Our passion makes the stars take notice even as daylight reigns for hours. Time stands and waits for a love like ours. The air we breath is mingled only with our kisses. My eyes are closed...and I can see love more clearly as the sun sets on my meadow. Darkness lays the blanket as we sleep under our stars. Yes, day and night.....then again and again. But time stopped and waited because the love was so deep. And once again...This day is night has settled in.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

In my heart...

In my heart...

Is where you will live forever. 

In my heart...

Is where our love first began.

In my heart...

Is where your passion explodes.

In my heart...

Is where as long as you are in my heart, nothing else will ever matter.

In my heart...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Loving...after many years love after 33 years truly amazing.  He loves me today, more than ever.  He shows me all the time, with all his actions that he loves me so.  He brings me my favorite coffee in the morning as he kisses me awake.  He makes me a hot bubble bath and then moves to make room as I climb in the tub to share.

 His eyes light up when I walk into the room.  He whole being changes for me.  He is still chivalrous in many actions...opening car doors and helping me on with my coat.  I love him today, more than ever.  I make his favorite dinner and enjoy his compliments.  I wash his clothes and make our bed and do sweet little things that are important to him.

We are a team.  We've been together for most of our life.  I can't remember a day or time without him there.  I rely on him for so many things.  He takes care of all my financial needs.  He provides security and income and does so in a very loving manner.  He is my rock.  Without him, I don't know where I'd be.

We are parents.  We share three beautiful children together.  Yes, grown and all gone..but all products of our wonderous love.  We share grandchildren as well..oh how sweet it is to grow old with this man that I love.  To know that he will always be there for me.  To know that I will never have to worry about my tomorrow ..because he takes good care of my todays. 

We are lovers.  Yes, after many years....a lifetime really....he still wants me and my love.  We hold hands and kiss softly.  He hugs me tight.  Ours is a comfort that many will never understand.  Ours is a commitment that will never end.  We are married...husband and wife.  Till death do us part.  I fell in love with this handsome young man...a love from my youth..a lifetime ago.  I fell in love with this handsome older man...again today...for many different reasons than the girl back then.  

Today..loving after many years, couldn't be any sweeter.  Today...loving...after many years is rare treasure.  I have something far richer than siler or gold. I have something that money can never buy.  I have the love of a man, that has been loving me his whole life.  

Loving...after many truly amazing. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Journey on the path of love...

Walking along while holding your hand....I am reminded of all the wonderful memories we have made. I stop and turn into you and stare into your face and into those amazing eyes. Those eyes that I have grown to love so much. With my gaze, I'm telling you to kiss me one more time. You understand and we kiss. But, what I was not prepared for was kissed, as if it were the first time you've ever kissed me. I was blown away. ♥

 I held you tightly and felt the safety in your arms. I knew that no matter where our life would take us, that we would go this path together. That the journey was just beginning for this next half of our life. A journey not known...but it didn't matter. All that mattered was that you continue to hold my hand as we walked. Not once did you let go. When we finally stopped to rest, you knelt before me and kissed my hand so gently.

Looking into your eyes of love, I saw my best friend. I saw my sweetheart. I looked at my handsome lover, my lifelong partner...and I knew that nothing would ever be dull with you by my side.

Closing my eyes...I envisioned the paths that we would take and I made a wish and a promise. I promise you this..that as long as I'm heart would always love you. And.. My wish, that you would never go a day without feeling my love