Thursday, October 6, 2016

Love in all forms...

Love in All Foms

Yes, romantic love is the most exciting and fun kind.  But, we all know there is more.  Love comes in many ways and forms.  There is the love we have for our friends, neighbors, children, siblings, grandparents and parents.  

I love my parents.  They have both given me so much. I am the person you know, because of them. I feel the need to share just a few things about both my parents.

 My father instilled in me a joy for life.  A positive attitude and outlook on life.  He ingrained in me his kindness for others.  Kindness for animals, people, and myself.  He gave me confidence because of the way he showed me with love.  I always felt pretty when my father was around.  His smile of approval was uplifting.  I enjoyed the twinkle in his eye.  I loved the way he would tease my mom and say endearing things to her.   I knew I wanted to marry a kind man one day, because my our father was so kind.   He is gone now.  Gone for over 6 years.  That, in itself is hard to grasp.  Where did the last few years go.  My fondest childhood memory is sitting Indian style in the living room at night on the floor. I had my nightly bath, all bundled up in pajama's and Dad would brush my long dark brown hair. He told me I was pretty, the prettiest one of his girls.  I somehow knew he was probably saying the same things to my older sister and baby sister.  It didn't matter though, because he thought I was the prettiest, so I grew up feeling very special.  

My Mother.  My rock.  The leader of our family.  If I needed or wanted anything at all, I would ask my father, then he would "clear it" with mom for me.  She was the boss.  She was so smart.  She was our fighter.  She would battle almost anyone on our behalf.  We learned many talents from her.  How to cook, clean, do dishes and laundry.  Also, we learned to be our own person.  That we were in charge of our life.  No one could tell us what to do or not to do.  If we wanted something, anything, then it was our for the taking.  Yes, we had to work hard to get it.  We had to fight odds at times and hit some bumps in our road before success was ours.    She is old now.  She is having to go over some hard bumps in her own road.  Her COPD has worsened. Her osteoporosis is more event now as she is weak and walks with a cane,  It's hard for her to stand straight up.  She is on oxygen all the time now. Her concentrator is set at 2.5 liters. She takes pills morning, noon and night.  She naps quite frequently as she is tired.  Visiting nurses come two to three times a week, same with her physical therapists.  I know she is tired.  I have such high hopes of her getting better, stronger.   Her sister Georgia came last week and spent five days with us.  She had a great time.  Yes, the argued, because they are....sisters.  Sisters do that.  But, more importantly, they shared some great quiet times together.  

So here were are.  I quite my job 3 weeks ago.  I'm here to care for mom.  I will get a part time job or a full time job with daytime hours and no weekends eventually.  I hope to spend the holidays with mom.  Is this her last Thanksgving/Christmas, no one ever knows.  But, what I do know is that I'm going to spend some good quality moments with mom while I have her here with me.   I love her.  She drives me crazy at times.  Mothers do this.  She likes to tell me "what to do", mothers do this as well.  And as frustrating as she can be for me, the times with her are priceless.  I'm learning to let go of the times she drives me crazy and just let it pass.   One thing I know with out a doubt, is the she loves me so much.  She would do anything in the world for me.    So, now it's my turn to do anything in the world for her.  Love in all forms...including me caring for her as she once cared for me. 


  1. I'm so sorry to hear your mother is ill. May she heal and feel better! It's wonderful for her to have you to be with her at this time.