Thursday, April 26, 2012

This day is done.... my night has settled in. My mind is charmed by visions I have created. Where there is a place in the meadows in which only sunshine and warm breezes flow. I am playfully running towards your arms, all the while never taking my eyes off your face. You tease me as I reach you and you turn sideways. You catch my arm and slowly pull me in. More warmth than even the sunshine can create, when I am in your arms. More peace than even the meadows can give. There is no one in the world at that very moment, just you and I. The love we share outshines the sun. Our passion makes the stars take notice even as daylight reigns for hours. Time stands and waits for a love like ours. The air we breath is mingled only with our kisses. My eyes are closed...and I can see love more clearly as the sun sets on my meadow. Darkness lays the blanket as we sleep under our stars. Yes, day and night.....then again and again. But time stopped and waited because the love was so deep. And once again...This day is night has settled in.