Saturday, May 14, 2011

As we wonder....

As we wonder through life...and wonder through love...
We will have many changes, to expierence...and many chances, to learn from those expierences. 

As you wonder together, you may face some challenges, these can either bring you closer together or  make you farther apart.  You get to decide. 

   I believe if we open our hearts and minds, 
we shall see, that the challanges don't have to push us apart. 
 That they may actually make our bond even greater.  It's all about choices.

I choose to love you.  I choose to forgive you when you mis~read something I've said or done.
I choose to learn from my own mistakes.  I choose to try to see your point of view.  I choose.

I choose to be understanding.  I choose to be forgiving. I choose to be loving.  I choose.

I choose to wonder through life with you as my friend.  I will laugh at your jokes.  I will smile when I see your smiling face.  I will wipe the tears off your checks when you cry. 
 I will hold you close to me and feel the warmth of your love.  I will stand by your side forever.

 I will cherish my memories as I grow old.  I will look back on these days and be thankful for the chance to say... I chose you to be in my life.

As we wonder...we get to choose...we get to love.