Sunday, December 18, 2011

I can't breath...

I can't breath....

When I think of my tomorrow and you are no longer there.

I can't breath.

When I wake to find your spot on the bed empty and cold 
because you haven't sleept with me,  like so many years before.

I can't breath.

When I think of cooking your favorite meal and you will
never be here to share it with me. 

I can't breath.

Just the thought of trying to take a breath without 
you here to hold me tight. Without you here to ... make me smile..
to kiss me good morning and good night.

I can't breath....if you are taken from me too soon.  If you are gone,
I am are my breath.....and my life.

My first took my breath away from the moment we meet.  

And without you, I could never breath again. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011


~ Laughter ~

Oh the joy I feel when I hear you laugh.  It makes me want to laugh too.   I smile just thinking of all the funny things we've said, the silly things we've done.  We have expierenced such joy through our laughing, through our innoncent and playful times.  

When you think about how sincere a belly laugh from a baby can be..and how we marvel that the baby would "know" to laugh.  Well, I think that all the baby understands is pure joy and that laughter is the natural way to express the joy and love it feels at that exact moment.  

We expierence that pure joy when we laugh together as well.  We expierence that sincere moment in time when we hold each other and laugh.  Oh how wonderful those sweet moments are.

I wish you laughter in your relationships. I wish you pure joy.  I wish you sincere love.