Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Late in the afternoon, all is well.  The house is so quiet....a welcome change for me.  The dogs lay at my feet listening to me type.  I enjoy this time alone in my house. The sun is low in the sky. It's cool out and a small breeze blows.  I am alone.  This is a rare occasion.

 In honor of a much needed day off, I decide to write in this romance blog of mine.  Writing is so soothing to my mind. It allows me to forget the world for the moment. My heart flows down to my fingers on this page.

 I want you to know the love... I feel.  I want you to know the desires I feel when he is near.  I want you to know the peace that comes from this perfect love I have in my life. I wish for you the dedication that is mine. I know this is sacred.  He says he will love me forever.  I believe this to be true.

So wanting this for you, is my way of wishing it for you.   I wish that you could have all that I do.  In my perfect world for you, your love is as my love is.  Your princess or prince charming is dedication only to you.  They desire only you. They love you more than life itself.

I want happiness to wake you each and every morning.  I was rest to come so easy at night.  I want joy to be found in your daily routine.  I want you to know your value, your worth.   All things in due time.

The windows show a setting sun.  As another day dares to close, may you know your loved

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