Friday, January 20, 2012

Sleeping in peace..and in love..forever.

When you left this morning for work, I was sleeping. I woke out of my slumber just enough to feel you kiss me goodbye. When I got home tonight from work, you were sleeping....I kissed you softly moved.

You lay sleeping now, while I am wide awake. When you wake at 4:30am....I will lay sleeping. I am the night owl...and you are the early bird. We are creatures of habit. Creatures of love.

And somedays...our only communication is our legs touching as we sleep. Our arms wrapped around each other as we toss and turn. I feel you cover me up at times when I start to shiver, I feel you pull me in closer to you as you warm up my body.

We become intertwined perfectly as we sleep. You snore sofly...but I never hear. I sleep peacefully knowing you will always be near to keep warm. I sleep peacfully knowing you will never leave me. As I'm sleeping, I can still feel the presence of your love for me.

With you in my life, I will sleep in peace and in love....forever.

Jan. 17th 2012

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